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Tool for configuration, maintenance and diagnostics

The EITK1000 kit comprises an EDRV1000 driver and FireGenius software. This installer-friendly tool allows you to take full advantage of all the unique features of the LoopMap and Versa++ technologies integrated into ENEA series addressable-analogue detectors. By connecting the EDRV1000 driver to the loop and interfacing with a PC running FireGenius, you will be able to use the LoopMap technology to reconstruct a diagram of the loop wiring. The various devices connected to the loop are identified by their distinct serial numbers and types. The FireGenius software application (included in EITK1000 kit) is capable of reconstructing the wiring order along the cable and identifying and tracing eventual 'T' junctions. The FireGenius software application presents the wiring in graphic form. By clicking-on the system elements, you will be able to ascertain the device status (for example, smoke level) and interact with it in real-time (for example, activate a LED or output). The EITK1000 kit allows you to take full advantage of all the unique features of the Versa++ technology and makes it possible to configure each detector to suit its specific environment. The EITK1000 kit also permits you to connect directly to the detector line for a complete diagnosis of each detector and thus test its operating capacity, verify its real-time values, read the contamination level in the optical smoke chamber and change its sensitivity and operating mode. Each detector has a non-volatile memory which allows you to view the smoke and temperature levels measured in the period prior to the last alarm detected. This tool provides accurate diagnostics by locating the exact position of cable interruptions and short circuits. Additionally, it allows you to measure eventual current dispersion to earth and carry out loop tests in order to detect communication errors and anomalies. The software application allows you to configure a loop, save the configuration profiles and import them from the control-panel configuration software and also make printouts of test reports and the system configuration. The EDRV1000 driver (included in EITK1000 kit) is capable of operating autonomously by way of its internal battery, keypad and display. When the EDRV1000 driver is connected to a PC, it is powered through the USB port, in this way, it is possible to make full use of the FireGenius software application.
Through its intuitive graphic interface, FireGenius allows you to interact with the detectors, configure them, view their status and check the course of their real-time smoke/temperature levels. The EITK1000 is the professional tool which will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to system maintenance. The EITK1000 comes with a 24Vdc power supply, essential cables and software application CD, all contained in a handy pouch.