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The SmartLiving System

Why choose SmartLiving

SmartLiving 4.0 – All 5 SmartLiving models are certified!
All models (505, 515, 1050, 1050L, 10100L) from the SmartLiving series are certified in compliance with European CE Directives EN50131-3, EN50131-6 by IMQ Italy. The SmartLiving series is certified "state-of-the-art" as far as the applicable European directives and standards are concerned. The certification regards both the control panel and the peripherals it manages. No need to worry about the "SmartLiving certified version" and "SmartLiving uncertified version". All 5 SmartLiving series models are certified!

The Nexus is no ordinary GSM device. It goes beyond the normal scheme of things and launches the user into the world of connectivity. It offers excellence in operational capabilities which are enhanced by the close integration of the device with SmartLiving series control panels. Integrating the Nexus into the SmartLiving system is simple. You simply connect it to the BUS like any other peripheral such as a keypad, proximity reader or expander. No other connection to the control panel is required. Once the Nexus is connected to the SmartLiving control-panel BUS, it can be programmed to send voice calls and digital reports over the landline and over the GSM network (interfaced through the Nexus). By providing the control panel with another number, the Nexus is also capable of answering incoming calls. In such situations, the system will activate the Voice menu (which accepts DTMF commmands over-the-phone). The Nexus also provides the SmartLiving system with a powerful set of SMS send/receive functions. These functions allow the control panel to send customized SMS text messages for each event and allow the user to send SMS commands to the control panel, in order to: arm/disarm the system, activate scenarios, activate/deactivate outputs, make enquiries, etc. All these operations are code protected (CallerID required). These functions allow the installer to programme the device to carry out checks and identify caller numbers. The Nexus is capable of recognizing callers and automatically configuring itself to manage low balance or imminent SIM expiry conditions.
Main Features

  • Voice and digital dialler over GSM Network
  • Sends pre-set and customizable SMS text messages for each event
  • Activates control panel shortcuts via SMS text message or CalleID (200 numbers available)
  • "Command done" SMS message or ring feedback
  • Incoming SMS message divertion
  • Programmable priority-management of PSTN and GSM channels for each event
  • Answerphone and DTMF command management functions
  • Device status viewable on keypad
  • Automatic credit-balance check
  • Notification via SMS message regarding device status (balance, provider, faults, etc.)
  • Emergency communication - voice, digital and SMS message

The IVY series self-powered sounderflasher units are a stylish, highly efficient way of rounding off an intrusion control system. They have been especially designed for easy installation and even easy programming via the control panel. The external heavy duty cover swings down on easy-to-free hinge projections to provide a practical tool ledge. A metal innershroud protects all the components and reinforces the casing. New-generation Light-Emitting-Diode technology provides superbright flasher signals and allows extra-low power consumption. The units also provide two status LEDs, positioned at the sides of the flasher. The sounderflasher unit connects directly to the SmartLiving system BUS and thus is monitored and controlled by the control panel. This direct-connection approach greatly simplifies wiring and system programming. In addition, it consents to the activation of event-related signaling (different signals for different events) programmed through the control panel. The BUS connection allows the control panel to supervise tamper, low battery and fault signals and also the battery and input-voltage levels. All units are equipped with a test circuit that allows them to spot and report fault conditions instantly to the control panel. They are also protected against dislodgement, forced opening, wire cutting and blow torch tamper. The Ivy/F model has an extra foam-tamper protection provided by the internal infrared circuitry of the loudspeaker. The system structure provides maximum rejection of false alarms. The IVY series sounderflasher units are also available in a "metal look" version.
Main features

  • Alarm activation via BUS with event-related signalling
  • BUS maintenance input
  • LED activation via BUS
  • Fault signals on BUS
  • Separate audible and visual signalling
  • Volume adjustment
  • Power voltage reading from keypad
  • Temperature reading from keypad

Our aim was to create an easy-to-use system. And what better way to guide users through operations than icons and voice instructions. The icons indicate the keys to press and the system does the rest. It's that simple. But what happens when a user is uncertain? They just press a key and a voice announces all the accessible operations. Perfectly simple. Simply perfect.

  • Icons facilitate learning of day-to-day operations.
  • Voice guide helps out on request.
  • Instructing users on how to operate the system is simplified.
  • Reduced installation time.
  • Fewer calls from perplexed users.

Right from the start we focused on designing an installer-friendly system. Without doubt, one of the most annoying snags installers meet up with every day is the multitude of different cover-plates on the market, each requiring an appropriate flush-mount reader. We realized the importance of solving this problem. So we had a go. And we solved it!

  • No more searching for the "right" reader for a particular make of cover-plate: nBy/X is always the "right" reader.
  • An innovation which greatly reduces in-stock requirements: a single item for all the most widely used cover plates.
  • Mounts directly to electric-switch boxes and all non-metal surfaces (wood, plastic).

"Make it easy!". That was our "catch phrase" during the development stages of this system. So when we realized just how much time installers actually spent programming the zone-balancing parameters, we asked ourselves if we could eliminate this time-consuming task. The answer was confirmatory: Yes, we could. And we did! So if you use the four main balancing types (Normally Open, Normally Closed, Single Balancing and Double Balancing), all you will have to do is ensure that all the zones are in standby status…and then press a key. The control panel will program the zone balancing parameters automatically. Zone by zone.

  • Reduced installation time
  • Reduced risk of errors

Control panel and peripheral firmware. We are well aware of that your time is precious. So we shaped a system that would put an end to the dismantling of upgrade-incompatible BUS peripherals. Another time-consuming problem solved. Upgrading is now uncomplicated. All you have to do is upgrade the control panel via an RS232 link and then upgrade the peripherals…in the exact same way. No more lengthy upgrading procedures. From now on it's "all-the-way-through" from the control-panel to the BUS. No more climbing to get to those hard-to-reach peripherals hidden away in false ceilings or dusty crawl spaces. From now on the installer's life is going to be so much easier.

  • Peripheral upgrading directly via BUS
  • Installer-friendly: no more laborious dismantling/rewiring
  • Time-effective: time on site reduced to a minimum
  • Entire system upgrade "in one shot"
  • No more upgrade-incompatible BUS peripherals

Flexibility and ease are the two concepts which truly shaped this product. With a single "click" you can change a zone into an open-collector output and vice versa. This configuration-potential is accessible on the control panel, expansion boards and keypad. Our new dual-function expansion boards, with individually configurable input/output terminals, now replace the functions provided in the past by two separate expansion boards.

  • Input or output terminal? It's up to the installer. This configuration-potential is accessible on the control panel, expansion boards and keypad.
  • Terminals can be configured as you go and changed effortlessly whenever you like.
  • The new input/output expansion board can be configured "on site".

We thought it was really "wasteful" to let keypad and expansion-board terminals go unused. So we invented a "terminal mapping" method which allows you to relocate any unused terminals to placements where they can be deployed. In this way, no terminals are wasted. In basic terms, when we state that 15 (50 or 100) terminals are available, then that is exactly how many terminals you get to use, regardless of where or how they are deployed. So, if you have an unused terminal on the control panel, keypad or expansion board, you can simply deploy it on another expansion board or keypad.

  • Any unused terminals can be deployed on other expansion boards or keypads.
  • The true meaning of flexibility.
  • No more laying cables to a single point in order to make use of all the zones.

Make the installer's life easy. Save the installer time. Reduce the installer's costs. With these things in mind, we had to think of a way of "carrying" the voice from one end of the system to the other. A separate cable seemed the most obvious solution. But it was also the most time-consuming and expensive. So we dropped that idea and instead, developed a technology that allows end-to-end voice transmissions via the BUS. Extra cabling for voice functions is no longer necessary. Remote Listen-in, keypad-to-keypad intercom functions and message recording/playback are all done through the BUS..

  • No extra cabling for voice functions.
  • No noise.
  • System upgrade adds voice functions to keypads without any extra wiring: just a quick change to a voice-capable keypad.
  • End-to-end voice transmissions.

Keeping up with technology. Taking full advantage of technology. Inventing new technology. These were just three of the propellant forces behind the design and development of the SmartLiving system. The widespread use of ADSL lines and the progressive disappearance of "real" analogue lines drew our attention towards the usefulness of an Internet modem. And that's exactly what SmartLAN/SI is. Our Internet modem. As with the SmartModem100, this device interfaces with the control panel via the PSTN landline. Adding a SmartLAN/SI modem to the control panel will allow you to work on the system via Internet from your home or office PC. All the features the SmartLeague software provides will be readily available: virtual keypad, programming, management, testing, enquiries, etc.

  • Teleservice via Internet: convenient, efficient and fast.
  • If Internet is available, the SmartLeague software will allow you to work on the system as if you were standing in front of it using an RS232 link.
  • Encrypted communication channel.
  • Managed by all SmartLiving models.

Throughout the development stages of the SmartLiving project we were determined to provide peak-performance technology and deliver a product that would push us to the forefront in a world where microseconds count: the world of internet connectivity. The SmartLAN/G outperforms even our expectations regarding its capabilities and puts INIM at the top of the table in the world of IP connectivity for intrusion control systems, particularly in the realm of residential and commercial applications. The SmartLAN/G is capable of keeping the installer or end user updated via report e-mails which reveal the system status. These e-mails can contain images, films, maps, audio files, presentations and every type of file you wish to attach. They allow the recipient to connect to IP security cameras and view in real-time exactly what is going on. The SmartLAN/G board offers users global access to their control panels via any Internet browser accessed through a PC. In fact, the integrated web server provides a replica of the system keypad which allows the user to check and change the status of the partitions, zones and timers and also view the events log in real-time. But that is not all the SmartLAN/G web server can do. In fact, it is also capable of transforming any Smartphone into a wireless keypad! This feature allows the user to connect to the household WiFi network and, by way of a few touchstrokes, close the blinds, activate the intrusion control system, switch on the garden sprinkler, etc., all from the comfort of an armchair. In the same way, the user can carry out the remote operations via a GSM/GPRS connection. The user's Smartphone becomes a wireless keypad and controls the system in much the same way as a household keypad - from inside the house or from any part of the world. All this simply by simply opening a browser and without the need of any specific INIM software application.

  • Web server functions for PCs and Smartphones: provides virtual keypad after accessing the control panel via Internet browser
  • Web server for control of partitions, zones, timers and view events log operations
  • Sends report e-mails with attached files to PCs or PDAs
  • Manages DNS server
  • Encrypted data Proprietor AES-128bit
  • Features supported by all SmartLiving models
  • Includes all SmartLAN functions (teleservice via Internet)