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Proximity readers

The proximity reader is the easiest way to interact with the SmartLiving intrusion control system. By simply holding a tag or card in the vicinity of the reader it is possible to control the system.
The proximity reader is particularly useful when arming or disarming the system or specific partitions. However, it can also be used to control remote appliances such as doors or lights, or even to trigger "groups of actions" associated with specific "Shortcuts". INIM offers two models: the Wall-mount nBy/S, and the Flush-mount nBy/X. The Wall-mount nBy/S has been especially designed to merge with various types of residential and commercial surroundings. Its stylish appearance and reduced size make it totally backdrop-friendly.

The Wall-mount nBy/S is equipped with break-open and break-off tamper protection and a warning buzzer (used by the control panel to provide audible signals). Moreover, on account of the mechanical solutions employed and the heavy-duty enclosure, the Wall-mount nBy/S model is IP34 rated and therefore is suitable for outdoor use. The Flush-mount nBy/X is a gem of electronic and mechanical engineering. Every day installers are faced with new-style cover plates. Different sizes, shapes and even colours appear regularly, yet in spite of this over-provision it is still difficult to find the right reader for the cover plates used at the place of installation. INIM's R & D professionals decided to accept the challenge and solve this problem. And now, thanks to their brilliant perception of installer company needs, INIM is able to offer a "Universal" solution that integrates proximity readers with all makes of cover plates.

With the Flush-mount nBy/X the problem of reader-compatibility with cover plates does not exist. Both wall and flush mount models are equipped with four LEDs which can be associated with Arming "Scenarios" (Arming configurations) or  "Shortcuts" (actions which transform normally time-consuming sequences into single action commands). It is also possible to program a tag or card with a customized "Shortcut" that is valid for a specific tag or card user only.
The Proximity Reader system can be controlled by tags or cards.

Sia il modello a muro che quello da incasso offrono 4 LED associabili a scenari di inserimento oppure a macro per l'esecuzione di azioni. Inoltre è anche possibile attivare una macro personalizzata programmata all'interno del tag o della card. Il sistema di prossimità  si completa con un portachiavi di prossimità  (tag) ed una card che permettono di autenticarsi sul sistema attraverso i lettori.