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Power Supply

Power Supplies

R & D professionals at INIM attach great importance to the power-supply section of fire alarm system apparatus. For this reason, they have been more than meticulous with the design of the power supply unit, in order to ensure that it operates well within its set parameters. This scrupulous approach guarantees the highest levels of performance and dependability. Particular attention has been given to electrical safety, which extends far beyond the requirements of the related directive standards. All connections are clearly marked and the mains connection has been separated from the direct current  connection.

In order to satisfy any requirement concerning power suppling, INIM offers:

  • SmartLevel: 24V dc power supply station
  • Power supplies modules: 27.6V dc 1.4A and 4A switching power supply/battery charger
  • Boxed power supplies: 27.6V dc 1.4A and 4A boxed switching power supply/battery charger