İnim Electronics TÜRKİYE

Outdoor sounder/flasher

The Ivy sounder/flasher
The IVY series self-powered sounder/flasher units are a stylish, highly efficient way of rounding off an intrusion control system. Easy to program and even easier to install, these units boast unmatched features and performance. The external heavy duty cover swings down on easy-to-free hinge projections (located on the both sides of the backplate) to provide a practical tool ledge. A metal innershroud protects all the components and reinforces the casing. New-generation Light-Emitting-Diode technology provides superbright flasher signals and allows extra-low power consumption. The units also provide two status LEDs, positioned at the sides of the flasher. The sounder can be programmed to generate different audible signals, thus allowing users to identify different types of alarms and/or locate the place of alarm. The units offer many programmable parameters for maximum application flexibility, such as: Maximum alarm time, Input polarity, Flash frequency per minute, Trigger signal, etc. Two models are available: Standard and BUS. In the 'Standard' model alarms are triggered by power cut or by the activation of the ancillary START input. The 'BUS' model connects to the SmartLiving BUS and is supervised and managed by the control panel. This direct-connection approach greatly simplifies wiring and system programming. In addition, it consents to the activation of event-related signaling (different signals for different events) programmed through the control panel. The BUS connection allows the control panel to supervise tamper, lowbattery and fault signals and also the battery and input-voltage levels. All units are equipped with a test circuit that allows them to spot and report fault conditions instantly to the control panel. They are also protected against dislodgement, forced opening, wire cutting and blow torch tamper. The Ivy/F model has an extra foam-tamper protection provided by the internal infrared circuitry of the loudspeaker. The system structure provides maximum rejection of false alarms. The IVY series Sounder / Flasher units are also available in a 'metal look' version.

NRB100 Hornstrobe in stainless steel
The NRB100 self-powered hornstobe is a highly efficient, heavy duty signalling device housed inside a stainsteel enclosure. A microprocessor continuously monitors all the device parameters and ensures high reliability and high-rate performance. Separate horn and flasher activation inputs provide maximum application flexibility. Horn signalling is managed by two piezoelectric elements which generate 110dBA @ 3m. NRB100 is capable of signalling open enclosure and dislodgement tamper on an output contact which providess 7 different balance modes.The NRB100 is also equipped with an LED input which provides an ancillary signal inside the device.