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Joy Concept nCode – User interfaces

The keypad plays a major role in every intrusion-control system. It is the appliance which users deal with daily, therefore, ease of use is essential. Additionally, it is also part of the furnishings and must blend in perfectly with its surroundings.INIM keypads do just that. They skilfully combine first-rate technical features with an elegant design which flatters even the most exacting backdrop requirements. The sleek casing and slimline key assembly considerably reduce overall size without giving way to reduced manageability. The explicit display icons clearly indicate the 'Shortcuts' that transform normally time-consuming sequences into simple keystroke commands through the 4 function keys. Following is a description of the features provided by the Joy, nCode/G and Concept/G keypads.

Joy series keypads
Joy series keypads come in light-coloured casings with keypad-protecting down flips. These attractive keypads provide 4 on-view 'Shortcut' keys which also work as 'Emergency key duos'. The Joy series keypads are primary Easy4U technology components thus allow users to take full advantage of the 'Shortcuts' and voice functions. The two models differ only in potential. The Joy/MAX has several important enhancements, for example, the onboard microphone and speaker unit for voice functions. The Joy/MAX keypad is capable of guiding users through operations by means of voice prompts. These prompts steer users through operations with ease and pilot every step of arm/disarm operations. The voice functions also provide notification of events which occur on the system and consent to keypad to keypad intercom connections. The Joy/MAX keypad is also equipped with a reader and a room-temperature sensor (shown on the display). The temperature sensor also functions as a thermostat for room-heating control which can be set in manual, weekly, anti-freeze mode. The built-in reader allows users to access the system using a Tag or Card instead of typing in a code. Both models are equipped with two input/out terminals and dislodgement and open-tamper protection devices.

Concept/G keypads
This effective key-free system management tool makes it much easier for end-users to interact with their security systems. The super bright, intuitive touchscreen permits fast access to all functions and consents to trouble-free control of the security system. The certainty of the superior technology embedded in this product is immediately apparent. Touchscreen control offers unbeatable accuracy and enhances reliability. The easy-clean, glossy black casing with its attractive vertical structure allows this product to blend seamlessly with any décor. 4 'Shortcut' keys, located directly under the graphic display, allow easy control of the system and also operate as 'Emergency key duos'. The Concept/G keypad is equipped with an input/out terminal and dislodgement and open-tamper protection devices.

nCode/G series keypads
nCode/G series keypads have glossy black or white casings with an attractive vertical profile. The polished contour of this keypad conveys the certainty of the superior technology inbuilt in this product. The keys are always conveniently on view to ensure fast access to all functions. The 4 'Shortcut' keys, directly under the graphic display, allow easy control of the system and also operate as 'Emergency key duos'. The nCode/G keypad is equipped with an input/output terminal and dislodgement and open tamper devices.