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Interface for KNX* systems
Use of industrial KNX technology is widely diffused and expanding rapidly.
INIM's IGKNX100 interface has been especially designed to offer KNX users a simple yet reliable way of integrating the exceptional security features of INIM's SmartLiving systems with the progressive roll-out of devices and functions available in the world of KNX. Besides offering a platform of traditional devices such as actuators, dimmers and buttons, KNX also offers sophisticated, feature-rich devices such thermoregulators, access control and weather stations. Therefore, integration of the internal functions available in the world of KNX is all important; and that is where the IGKNX100 interface comes into play.

IGKNX100 technology allows interoperation between SmartLiving systems and KONNEX systems and thus allows integration of their functionalities. In fact, this bidirectional interface is a bridge between KNX devices and the SmartLiving system. It allows the SmartLiving system to receive commands from KNX systems as well as to carry out event-generated operations in the world of KNX. In order to allow this interaction, the IGKNX100 interface must be duly programmed via the respective software application. It is possible to transmit data relative to the status of the zones, alarm memory, partitions and outputs to the KNX bus. The transmission of this data can be carried out periodically, on request or when a change of status occurs.
Alternatively, the gateway allows KNX devices to send commands to the intrusion control panel. Commands such as arm/disarm partitions, activate/deactivate outputs, bypass/unbypass zones and delete the alarm memory. The gateway interfaces with the SmartLiving system through the control panel serial port. The gateway comes with configuration software which provides an importation function for the importation of the SmartLiving system configuration from the SmartLeague database, and the KNX configuration from the database of the KNX system.

*The KNX trademark is the property of KNX Association cvba.