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GSM/GPRS module

I-BUS integrated GSM/GPRS module
The Nexus is no 'run-of-the-mill' GSM device. It is outside the normal scheme of things and launches the user into the world of connectivity. Nexus offers excellence in operational capabilities. These capabilities are accomplished also thanks to the close integration of the device with control panels from the SmartLiving series. The integration between the Nexus and the control panel is so close that Nexus is no longer an 'external' element of the control panel that requires separate programming.
It is an 'internal' element of the SmartLiving system and as such is programmed by simply programming the system. Integrating the Nexus into the SmartLiving system is simple. You simply connect it to the BUS like any other peripheral such as a keypad, a proximity reader or an expander. No other connection to the control panel is required.This allows you to install the device directly on the control panel or, if you need to improve GSM reception quality, install it at a distance by means of a simple I-BUS connection. The distance between the GSM device and the control panel is not a problem, aboveall, if you consider that the BUS can be expanded by means of isolators or repeaters from the IB100 series

When the device is connected externally to the control panel, it is possible to activate the emergency communication functions. In fact, if the communications between the Nexus breakdown, due to a fault or act of delinquency, the Nexus is capable of sending voice calls, digital reports and SMS messages completely on its own. When the Nexus is connected to the BUS of the SmartLiving control panel, it can be programmed to send voice calls and digital reports over the landline and over the GSM network (interfaced through the Nexus). The Nexus provides the maximum in freedom of choice and programming simplicity. It is also capable of answering incoming calls, by providing the control panel with an extra number (SIM number). In such situation, the system will activate the Voice menu (which accepts DTMF commands over-thephone), one of the most appreciated functions provided by the SmartLiving system. The Voice menu is made available every time the control panel calls a user who has access to this function. The Nexus provides the SmartLiving system with a set of powerful SMS send/receive functions. These functions allow the control panel to send customized SMS text messages for each event and also allow the user to send SMS commands to the control panel, in order to: arm/disarm the system, activate scenarios, activate/deactivate outputs, make queries, etc. All these operations are code protected (CallerID required). The device is capable of recognizing the user and automatically configuring itself to manage low credit balance or imminent SIM expiry. If such conditions occur, the device will generate an event in the control panel, and it will be the installer's responsibility to choose the necessary remedy from the many options available (activate outputs, activate voice messages on the keypad, voice or digital calls, send SMS messages, etc.).
The device comes with a practical magnetic antenna and 3 meters of cable for easy installation.