İnim Electronics TÜRKİYE

Gas detection


The INDUSTRIAL series gas detectors are manufactured using the most modern reflow and SMT construction techniques. They use the latest generation of microprocessor technology to deliver fast response and ensure accuracy and reliability. The sensitive element is connected to an interchangeable device component which allows installers to replace the sensor cap (the part susceptible to wear and tear) without needing to recalibrate the device. The complete product line incorporates hazardous, toxic, combustible and explosive gas leak detectors with semiconductor, catalytic or electrochemical sensing element, all available in ATEX (explosionproof) or IP55 (dustproof) enclosures to satisfy even the most exacting requirements. During the installation or maintenance phase, it is possible to configure the device parameters, change the intervention thresholds, verify the gas-level readings or simulate alarm, pre-alarm and fault conditions via PC.