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Multimedia device for domotic control in SmartLiving systems
If you have a passion for technology then you will certainly have a passion for INIM's Evolution.
The Evolution is a multimedia touch-screen interface which allows you to manage SmartLiving intrusion-control systems.

In addition to intrusion-control functions, the Evolution provides a generous range of multimedia and domotic functions. It is the full touch-screen experience.
Just a few touches on the 7" colour screen allow you to activate the functions you want to use. The Evolution is capable of managing the intrusion-control system in your home and, if you necessary, also the one in your office. In fact, it can handle up to 10 different SmartLiving intrusion systems as if they were one single system.

Moreover, if an event occurs on one of the network systems, the Evolution will provide you with an instant pop-up message with all the event details. Additionally, the real-time video-flow from the 4 IP cameras will let you to see exactly what is going on in the protected area. The user-friendly Evolution allows operators to set up interactions between control panels and create one big network from the various distinct systems. The integrated functions of the Evolution are managed by the powerful EVO-SUITE software, developed in Linux environment at INIM's software laboratory.

This fexible software allows you to arm, disarm or split the local system or one of the remote systems by simply touching the screen. It also provides advanced information regarding the status of the various system objects (zones, outputs) and the events memory. The Evolution can also operate as a video terminal and, in this way, allows control both local and remote IP cameras. This function allows you to check on the garden at home and the gate at work in the exact same manner, even when you away.

This useful daily-surveillance function is extremely important when alarms occur. In fact, when the Evolution is connected to the IP cameras, it provides instant video-verification of exactly what is happening in the protected area and, consequently, allows you to take the appropriate actions. This all goes to show that "Evolution" is also an excellent video-verification tool.
Additionally, the Evolution provides a video-intercom function which allows you to see who is at your gate or door and, furthermore, also lets you allow entrance by simply touching the screen. The widgets and buttons you intend to use can be located anywhere on the touchscreen.
The buttons have programmable graphics and can be easily associated with the icon which is most suitable for the respective touch-screen function. In this way, you can switch on lights, activate garden sprinklers, turn on air-conditioning systems, open venetian blinds, roll up roller blinds, open gates, view camera images, open Internet browsers and much more.

There has never been such flexibility. As well as the screen buttons, you also have widgets. These are zones on the screen which are capable of displaying real-time information.For example, the an analogue clock widget displays the local time or the times in different time zones, likewise, the weather widget displays worldwide temperatures and weather conditions.

The interesting RSS widget makes adding updates from any RSS feed extremely simple. If you are a football fan, you can obtain real-time posts from your favourite website. The same goes for politics, culture, economy and finance. All you need to do is ask the Evolution to post the news you want and, as a result, you no longer have to find news: the news will find you!

If you want the Evolution to display your favourite photos or the photos of your last holiday, all you need to do is activate the slideshow widget. The photos of your happiest moments will appear on the screen, either on request or when the screen has been inactive for some time. The photos reside on a folder of an SD card (optional) on-board the Evolution. The folder can be updated when required by downloading the SD card via the network, therefore, there is no need to remove it from the product.

The Evolution interfaces with the other system devices by through the Ethernet network connection. This approach allows you to create a minimally-invasive installation. Furthermore, if you are looking for a stylish finish and wish the Evolution to blend almost seamlessly into its surroundings, you can use the elegant flush-mount casing which almost disappears into the wall. The Evolution can be programmed through two applications, one dedicated to the installer, EVO-PRO, and the other to the end-user, EVO-LIGHT. The installer's application allows you to programme the sections relating to the system security; whereas, the user's application focuses on the multimedia aspects of the device. Both applications are based on the "drag-n-drop" method for fast, intuitive graphic programming.

Two important additional features: the map management and the web server.
Starting from an image you can create interactive maps and position fully customizable icons and buttons wherever you want them. Additionally, by means of inter-map links, you can create a nav map (navigation tree structure).
Besides, thanks to the integrated web interface which replicates the Evolution screen, users feel perfectly "at home" when they connect to the Evolution device via PC, tablet or Smartphone. Wherever they are in the world, at any time.

The Evolution comes in a black or white casing to suit different décor requirements.