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Ethernet TCP-IP


Connectivity and accessibility are two fast-developing concepts which have overflowed from the professional world into the habitats and personal lives of the majority of people. Access to the broadband Internet is no longer a prerogative of business organisations but is also an established reality in most private and household environments. The SmartLAN/G optional board uses the Internet to provide SmartLiving systems with first-rate connectivity capabilities and communication features. All SmartLiving control panels are IP connectivity capable. The board mounts easily to the control-panel motherboard. The SmartLAN/G (albeit an interface) safeguards the control panel against rogue access by using a rigorous encrypting process which provides the system with a high level of security. Furthermore, in order to keep network administration simple, SmartLAN/G board is equipped with user-friendly software for easy-management of the dynamic IP addresses.
The system-on-chip platform used in the SmartLAN/G accessory board provides point-to-point networking capability and fast connectivity to the Internet. Therefore, it is possible to set up a remote connection and program or control the system via the SmartLeague software application, or perform supervisory opertions via the SmartLook software, either locally (LAN) or remotely (internet). In effect, the SmartLAN/G board grants the same level of access to the system as a local RS232 connection.
SmartLAN/G provides the SmartLiving system with a digital communicator towards alarm receiving centres that support SIA-IP protocol. This feature allows alarm receiving centres to receive information in real-time through IP connectivity with many advantages in terms of cost and performance. Thanks to SIA-IP protocol, SmartLAN/G represents an alternative or integration to traditional PSTN connectivity towards alarm receiving centres. But the SmartLAN/G also provides other more advanced remote-access and communication functions. The SmartLAN/G board is capable of sending event-related e-mails automatically. Each e-mail can be associated with a subject, an attachment and a text message. The attachment can be of any kind and is saved to an SD card. The message text can contain direct links to domains or IP addressable devices, such as a security cameras. In addition to e-mails, the SmartLAN/G board offers users global access to their control panels via any Internet browser accessed through a PC, tablet or smartphone. In fact, the SmartLAN/G has an integrated web-server capable of distinguishing the means of connection and as a result provides an appropriate web-page for the tool in use. The SmartLAN/G webserver adopts the AlienMobile user interface, which is a replica of the Alien keypads. This is a great advantage for the user, who finds an immediately recognizable environment, where is possible to do any desired operation instantly without having to learn new commands and navigation paths. The interface shows a modern and attractive design, fits all display sizes and has vertical/horizontal auto-adjustment. Smartphones, tablets and PCs can control the system in much the same way as a household keypad, from inside the house or from any part of the world. Controlling the system from this virtual keypad is quick and easy as it is an exact replica of the one the user has on their real system, allowing users to manage partitions and zones, view the timers, events log and much more. Both user and installer codes can access the system. This feature provides installer companies with trouble-free access to all their systems, and allows operators to view/change the connected control-panel parameters via Internet without the need of any specific INIM software application. SmartLAN/G, finally, gives full access to the functions of the SmartLiving system also through the AlienMobile App for smartphones and tablets.
The new 5.30 version provides users with fully-customizable, interactive web-interface maps. The SmartLAN web-server maps represent the most advanced web-server technology available for the security system market today. Making maps has never been so easy, the user just adds images, positions buttons and icons and then navigates between the maps using the inter-map connections. But most of all, the SmartLAN/G interface is the only interface that offers fully-customizable icon and image capabilities for system-object status signalling. Users can now load their own images (photos of the outside of the protected building and/or the internal layout) as well as the most informative icons (sprinkler system, roller blinds and courtesy light icons) via an SD card and the SmartLeague software program.


For those who do not require particularly advanced remote control capabilities but are interested in providing the SmartLiving control panel of simple connectivity features, INIM also offers a basic version of SmartLAN, the SmartLAN/SI. This optional board makes available the remote programming and supervision functions from the local network and the internet (using the SmartLeague and SmartLook softwares), the digital communicator toward the alarm receiving centres with SIA-IP protocol, the remote access via the AlienMobile app.