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Automation system


The unique home automation system.
Inim introduces its unrivalled innovation. Livin'home, the integrated home automation system that manages your home at the touch of a button. A unique solution that makes home control easy, comfortable and functional. A modular system that offers different access and management modes that live together in an easy-to-use way. A customizable solution based on your personal habits and lifestyle.

At the base of the Livin'home system is the solid data-processing motor of the SmartLiving system: a control panel unequalled in providing loss prevention and security solutions. In this way, you have an advanced intrusion control system and important home automation features which range from the activation of outputs and timers to scenario management. This is a state-of-the-art approach with regard to the immediacy of the user interface, the communication infrastructure and the technologies of analysis and response.

The SmartLiving system can be enhanced with user interfaces which provide basic intrusion control functions such as Joy/MAX and Concept keypads or nBY proximity readers. Or, you can integrate Inim's multimedia touchscreen Evolution: the most advanced device on the market for complete home-automation control.