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Alien-Touchscreen user interface

Alien, the touchscreen user interface the security market has been waiting for.

Alien is the maximum in simplicity and clarity, two things always present in the minds of installers and end-users alike. It delivers an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for fast selection, interactive input and much more. Alien offers a self-explanatory operating concept with a leading edge. All writing is large and well-defined and the icons leave no doubt as to the functions they refer to.
Moreover, its advanced solution portfolio is capable of showing users the easiest way of dealing with anomaly, alarm or fault signaling. So, users will never be confused because Alien, with its clear and understandable instructions, will guide them effortlessly through every situation.
Above all, Alien integrates automation and security. Just a fingertip touch on the display arms, disarms or bypasses parts of the system or even activates the pre-programmed scenarios. With the greatest of ease users can access advanced information regarding the status of the system objects (zones, outputs, etc.) and the memory of events. Graphic management is truly captivating and up to the minute. In fact, it is very similar to that of some the most prestigious smartphones currently on the market. And, like smartphones, Alien offers users a vast array of options to meet their personal tastes and requirements. Alien provides three skin options (Young, Elegant or Soft) and allows users to customize the background with one or more rotated images. Besides display brightness and contrast control, Alien offers transparency adjustment for a more interesting graphic effect. The integrated microphone and speaker application offers a variety of voice functions, for instance, a voice guide for arm and disarm operations, a system event announcer and room to room intercom capabilities for intercommunication in large buildings or homes. In addition to the voice functions, Alien has an on-board proximity reader and a sensor for room-temperature readings. The temperature sensor permits display of the room temperature and management of the chrono-thermostat function (in manual, weekly or anti-freeze mode). The proximity reader allows access to the system by means of TAGs or CARDs thus eliminating the need of code entry.


The "graphic maps" application on the Alien user interface, allows you to control and interact with the system by working directly on the layouts or images that represent the various environments. The installer has the possibility to configure a number of graphic maps, each made up of a background image capable of containing 20 objects. The objects can be associated with a set of icons (modifiable) that represent their real-time operating status thus allowing immediate verification of the condition of the system. Alien allows you to navigate through different graphic maps in order to generate the desired hierarchy.
The Alarm clock/Reminder application helps you to remember appointments and important events and gives a helping hand to the memory challenged, such as the elderly, by keeping track of things day to day. It provides two distinct event types: the Alarm event which allows you to set time and day of the week, and the Reminder event which can be programmed on a day-of-the-week basis with two time settings or specific date with two time settings and various periodicity.

Alien even has a 32GB SD card slot for storage of photos and images which can be scrolled in photo-frame mode. Alien can be programmed through SmartLeague, the SmartLiving system programming sortware. What is more, Alien has a USB interface which allows users to save photos and images on the SD card. This USB interface can also be used when programming the SmartLiving system Alien is connected to. This programming method means there is no need for the installer to open the control panel, seeing as the SmartLiving programming menu can be accessed directly through the Alien touchscreen. In this way, the installer has both a vast menu of options and the traditional functionality of programming from a keypad. 

The interface between the Alien touchscreen and the control panel is achieved through INIM's traditional I-BUS thus making Alien suitable for use with all models in the SmartLiving range. Both the 4.3 inch and 7 inch version of the Alien are equally elegant and blend in perfectly with all decor. The Alien/S, the 4.3 inch version, mounts to standard backboxes.

The Alien/G flush-mounts to the wall to provide a truly sleek, streamlined look.Both versions come in black or white casings.