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Accessory items for Fire extinction systems

Addition of a SmartLetLoose/ONE fire suppression board to any SmartLine or SmartLight series fire control panel provides the system with GAS suppression control capabilities in compliancy with EN12094-1. SmartLetLoose/ONE enhanced control panels provide all the functions required by the applicable normative and are capable of managing all devices required for fire extinction system management.

Callpoints in various colours
IC0010Y - Conventional Callpoint in yellow enclosure
IC0010G - Conventional Callpoint in green enclosure
IC0010B - Conventional Callpoint in blue enclosure
IC0010W - Conventional Callpoint in white enclosure

Callpoint non-latching, automatic reset on release, supplied without label
ICB010Y - Callpoint in yellow enclosure
ICB010G - Callpoint in green enclosure
ICB010B - Callpoint in blue enclosure
ICB010W - Callpoint in white enclosure

ICK010Y - Keyswitch in yellow enclosure
ICK010G - Keyswitch in green enclosure.
ICK010B - Keyswitch in blue enclosure
ICK010W - Keyswitch in white enclosure

TAO10 - Conventional Audible/Visual Warning Sign
5 super-bright LEDs offer maximum light output with reduced current consumption. Available with different alarm indications (to be specified on the purchase order).

Operating voltage  19-30 Vdc
Current consumption  45 mA
Sound output @ 1m  90 dB
Protection rating  IP44
Operating temperature  -10 + 55 °C
Weight  500 g
Dimensions  110 x 285 x 68 mm
Battery Battery